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City Revenue

poker chips falling
poker chips falling
All In for City Revenue

Revenue Boost for the City

Not only will the Norfolk Resort and Casino be an entertaining and exciting destination, it will also have a significant economic impact on the City of Norfolk and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole. It is estimated that each year, the resort and casino will provide the City with $26.2-$30.8 million in tax revenue. This new, direct local revenue stream will provide much-needed funding for public schools, public transportation, important infrastructure projects, flood resiliency efforts and much more. Beyond just the City of Norfolk, the resort and casino will create an annual economic impact of $850 million to the Commonwealth of Virginia! Much of this impact will greatly help surrounding businesses such as restaurants, hotels and small locally-owned businesses.

Even if you aren’t a gambler, supporting the Norfolk Resort and Casino’s positive economic impact on both the City of Norfolk and the Hampton Roads region is something everyone can back. Voting “Yes” in November for tens of millions of dollars in local revenue should make everyone say, “I’m all in!”

I'm Ready To Vote YES!
Your Friends and Neighbors who Support the Project

What They're Saying

This is our opportunity to create jobs, generate millions of dollars for schools and make our city the leading tourist destination in Virginia. Join our cause and help bring this once-in-a-lifetime project in Norfolk.