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poker chips falling
All In for Community

Partnering with the Community

What makes the Norfolk Resort and Casino different from other casinos is our firm and unwavering commitment to community. We look forward to being your neighbor on the waterfront and hope to build a reputation as a compassionate corporate citizen of the City of Norfolk.

Unlike international corporate casino operators, the Norfolk Resort and Casino operators are members of the community and plan to reinvest a great deal of time, energy and financial resources back into Norfolk, the Hampton Roads region and the Commonwealth of Virginia as a whole. To this end, you can count on the Pamunkey Indian Tribe to be a true partner with the City to make this a project of which we can all be proud. The Pamunkey Indian Tribe know what it is like to need better access to essential services and resources and is excited to do their part to give back to the Norfolk community.

The Tribe isn’t waiting for the Resort and Casino to open before getting involved in the community. They are making access to food the cornerstone of their community service. Food insecurity is an issue close to the heart of the Tribe, and they are committed to addressing this complex issue in Norfolk. This summer they have been partnering with churches and non-profits in Norfolk to replenish food pantries and provide hot meals to those in need. In addition to providing individual meals, the Tribe wants to help address the areas of the city which are currently food desserts – areas where there are no grocery stores for residents to shop. In August, the Tribe announced its commitment to provide $150,000 in financing to re-open a much-needed grocery store in the St. Paul’s neighborhood, which has been a food desert since the one grocery store in that community closed earlier this year. And this is just the beginning. If the referendum passes in November, the Tribe has pledged to use additional money from the casino project to help fund a grocery store in a second neighborhood currently without one.

In addition to hands-on partnerships with community organizations and philanthropic causes throughout the City, the Tribe is going to be contributing to Norfolk’s flood resiliency plan along the Elizabeth River, making them the first private developer in the entire City to provide critical funding for this important and time-sensitive undertaking that will help protect Norfolk from sea level rise for generations to come. With a reservation surrounded by the Pamunkey River and much of its land a wetland, the Tribe is particularly sensitive to flooding and pleased to be part of helping the City address this issue.

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This is our opportunity to create jobs, generate millions of dollars for schools and make our city the leading tourist destination in Virginia. Join our cause and help bring this once-in-a-lifetime project in Norfolk.