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poker chips falling
poker chips falling
All In for Education

Needed Funding for Virginia Schools

Education is the foundation for Virginia’s children, but unfortunately, schools across the state – including right here in Norfolk – are lacking the necessary funding to improve their facilities and provide the ideal environment for learning. More than half of Virginia’s schools were built over 50 years ago, with many being built prior to World War II. Some in Norfolk lack proper air quality due to asbestos, while others don’t have handicap entrances, which are necessary for physically impaired students and teachers. In part, this is why the City of Norfolk has already earmarked the proceeds of the nearly $10 million land sale for the casino to go directly toward the renovation of Booker T. Washington and Maury high schools.

The need for more public education funding is clear to everyone. HeadWaters Resort & Casino will support financial reinvestment in Norfolk Public Schools and the entire Virginia public school system. Per legislation that was passed in April 2020, the state’s portion of new gaming tax revenue will help fund public school construction and maintenance. Based on anticipated gaming revenues, HeadWaters is expected to generate $43.79-$51.18 million annually for public school construction, renovations and upgrades across the state. On top of that, the casino will also generate $22.5-$26 million in tax revenue that goes directly to the City of Norfolk, which could also be used to directly address public education priorities locally. This funding will help the City of Norfolk provide safe and healthy environments for students and teachers by addressing expensive education infrastructure problems that have been underfunded for decades.

Children have and continue to be the future of our world, and HeadWaters Resort & Casino is excited to be a partner in helping bring much-needed resources to Norfolk schools.

Your Friends and Neighbors who Support the Project

What They're Saying

This is our opportunity to create jobs, generate millions of dollars for schools and make our city the leading tourist destination in Virginia. Join our cause and help bring this once-in-a-lifetime project in Norfolk.