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poker chips falling
poker chips falling
All In for Jobs

A Field of Career Opportunities

The Norfolk Resort and Casino will bring thousands of jobs to the City of Norfolk. Whether you are a chef who can artfully craft a four-course gourmet meal, a performer who can entertain the masses, or a card dealer who knows how to keep a hot streak going, the Norfolk Resort and Casino could be the place for you! With over 2,480 permanent jobs expected following construction, there will be a variety of careers for you to choose from: concierge, executive chef, general manager, marketing professional, IT professional, housekeeper, valet, waiter, bartender, pit boss, blackjack dealer, security officer and many more! For those who can’t wait until the Resort and Casino is complete, there will also be 2,000 construction jobs when construction starts in early 2021. Once the Norfolk Resort and Casino is complete, it will be the fourth largest private employer in the City, and it will provide an estimated $100 million in employee earnings each year!

There is a career path for everyone here at the Norfolk Resort and Casino and we can’t wait for you to join the team!

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This is our opportunity to create jobs, generate millions of dollars for schools and make our city the leading tourist destination in Virginia. Join our cause and help bring this once-in-a-lifetime project in Norfolk.